Q. Who is Island Adventures Mexico?

A. Island Adventures Mexico is owned and operated by Manuel Puerto Osorio. We specialize in the Snorkeling Tours, Whale Shark Tours, and Bay Fishing Tours departing here from Isla Mujeres. We are also a full service tour agent for many third party tours, including major attractions and transportation both on the island and the mainland.

Q. Will I get seasick?

A. Well the short answer is …you might. Seasickness depends on the individual and the conditions of the sea the day you go. We recommend that if you do not know if you get seasick that you take a commercial motion sickness edication or use the wrist bands or patches that go behind the ear.

Q. Why should I USE biodegradable sun block?

A. Biodegradable sun block is EXTREMELY important. This is for the safety of the ecosystem and all marine wildlife. Biodegradable sunblock is environmentally friendly sunscreen that lacks the harmful ingredients that are destroying the world’s coral reefs. Biodegradable sunscreen breaks down naturally in the environment, and is eco-friendly, meaning that they minimize damage to the environment. We strongly encourage using only biodegradable sunscreen for all water and land activities.

Q. How do I get to Island Adventures Mexico?

A. Avoid expensive tours offering rides to Isla Mujeres.
Getting to us is really as easy as 1-2!

1. From Cancun, take the Ultramar Ferry from the Punta Juarez Ferry Dock. The Ultramar Ferry runs every day and approximately every 25 minutes. The ride is a quick 15-20 minutes.
Click here for the Ultramar Ferry Schedule and other Ultramar Locations.

2. Once on Isla Mujeres, we are just a short 7-10 minute walk from the ferry terminal.
Click here for walking map. 

Click for map of Isla Mujeres

Q. How do I know my online payment is secure?

A. All online payment transactions are made through PayPal, so rest assure that you are backed up by the 3rd party mega giant. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account to use your credit card for booking and reservations, AND you get the same assurance and protection.

Q. What days do we operate?

A. We are open 365 days a year!

Q. Can I book when I get there?

A. Yes, you sure can. While we cannot guarantee available tour spots last minute, especially during certain seasons, or with large groups, we will do everything we can to accommodate your group and get you set up for FUN with our many reputable island friends.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. Due to the seasonal nature and limited availability of our tours we cannot provide refunds for tours cancelled within 14 days of the tour date. We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover yourself in the event that you must cancel your trip. Cancellations received before the 14 day period will be issued a refund for any deposit paid minus a $10 USD per person handling fee. If your tour is cancelled due to weather and we are unable to accommodate you before the end of your trip we will issue you a refund.

Q. What if I am part of a large group that wants to be together?

A. We cannot 100% guarantee that your entire group will be together unless you make prior arrangements with us via email. Boat assignments are done the morning of the tour and depend on the number of tour participants and boats available. If you are in a large group we highly recommend that you either make arrangements ahead of time or arrive early the morning of the trip and advise a guide of the size of your group. This way your guide can factor that into his planning and do his best
to accommodate your group.

Q. Are Private Tours available?

A. Private Tours provide the best experience to ensure that you have the most time to spend with just your group swimming or photographing the whale sharks. Private tours start at $1,100 USD and allow for a maximum of 10 guests. Private tours are a must for professional photographers and videographers. We allow maximum time possible to help you get that perfect shot.

Q. What is the customary tipping procedure for the crew and guide?

A. Having a good time is our goal and your safety is our number one priority. An attentive Captain, crew, and guide usually commands a 10-20 percent tip in the tour industry.


Q. What is a Whale Shark?

A. Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known extant fish species. Respectfully, the largest fish in the world.
It is one of only three known filter feeding shark species (along with the basking shark and the megamouth shark). Whale sharks feed on macroalgae, plankton, krill, Christmas Island red crab larvae and small nektonic life, such as small squid or vertebrates.

Q. Are the sharks dangerous?

A. Despite its size, whale sharks does not pose any significant danger to humans. Whale sharks are docile fish.

Q. What is the tour cost?

A. The official price set by the official regulating bodies is $125 USD minimum for a tour.

Q. Can we book a private tour ?

A. Yes, we do offer private tours for many of our excursions. To reserve a private tour, request a specific quote, or check on availability, please email

Q. When is Whale Shark Season on Isla Mujeres?

A. Whale Shark Season runs between the end of May to mid September each year.

Q. Can I touch the whale sharks?

A. We love our Whale Sharks, but touching or physical contact with any marine wildlife can be dangerous.
Under current regulations snorkelers are NOT be permitted to touch the Whale Sharks. These tours are designed as eco-tours and specific rules and regulations are put into place to protect the both the Whale Sharks and the snorkelers. These rules ARE enforced.
Sometimes the Whale Shark will brush up against you beyond your control. Try to refrain from getting too close or you may be greeted with a tail fin that is as big a door headed your way.
Click here to see the Rules on our Whale Shark Preservation.

Q. Do you guarantee an encounter the Whale Sharks?

A. We have been fortunate with the natural high number of Whale Sharks in the area which gives a great 99.5% guarantee that you’ll experience an encounter. Mostly they are close to the service skimming food, but sometimes they can be deeper below, but definitely visible. Follow our experienced guide and you are sure not to miss these giants.

Q. How many whale sharks can I expect to see on a tour?

A. That can range anywhere from between 5 to 50 whale shark encounters for each excursion.

Q. Where are the Whale Sharks?

A. The Whale Sharks are in the plankton laden waters off Isla Mujeres. Traveling to find them can be about 45minutes to 1 hour off shore.

Q. Can I scuba with Whale Sharks?

A. Sorry, only snorkel, due to the wellbeing of the shark. Not being stressed by people crowding it in, If they want to escape they can easily do so by descending to the bottom.

Q. How many days in advance do I need to reserve?

A. Whale Shark Tours are very popular and can fill up fast, especially with the limited amount of space available. You can reserve up to 6 months in advance or down to 2 days prior. For reservations prior to 3 days, please contact us for availability.

Q. What should I bring on the tour?

A. Light clothing over your bathing suit is recommended. Also bring sunglasses, a towel, sunscreen, and a cap or hat. Snorkeling gear is provided but feel free to bring your own gear or personal lunch if you prefer.

Q. What is included in the tour?

A. Certified Guides.
Light Breakfast.
Lunch (shrimp ceviche & chicken sándwich) (special for vegetarians)
Beers and Soft drinks
Encounter and swim with Whale Shark
Snorkel gear included
Approximately 4-5 hours
Life Jacket

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Q. What is snorkeling?

A. Snorkeling is swimming with fins, a mask, and a tube called a snorkel that allows you to have your face down in the water and still breathe.

Q. Is snorkeling safe?

A. One of the wonderful things about snorkeling is that people of all ages can participate…and one of the great things about Isla Mujeres is there are many fantastic places for beginners.

Q. Do I need to be a good swimmer to snorkel?

A. Being a great swimmer is not required to snorkel. It is recommended that you do have some comfort and experience when you are in the water though. A few things to consider are that your fins help you a great deal in terms of movement and they float. As well, the mask that you wear has air trapped in and will help you float as well. Most of all you will have a life jacket which comfortably lets you skim along the top of the water. It is very difficult to dive down under the water with a life jacket on.

Q. Where do we snorkel at?

A. There are many incredible snorkeling areas around Isla Mujeres. Depending on the weather and water conditions, we have many wonderful options to choose from should one more formidable than another that day. Some greats snorkeling spots include El Farito, Sac Bajo Reef, Manchones Reef, and Garrafon Reef.

Q. What is included in the tour?

A. Certified Guides
Snorkel beautiful Chain Reef
Snorkel famous Light House Reef
Full equipment Included.
Complimentary Drinks on board
2 Underwater Photos
Approximately 4 hours
Life Jacket


Q. What is bottom fishing?

A. Bottom fishing is fishing the bottom of a body of water. A common rig for fishing on the bottom is a weight tied to the end of the line, and a hook about an inch up line from the weight. The method can be used both with hand lines and rod fishing. The weight can also be used to cast or throw the line to an appropriate distance.

Q. Do you have to be a professional to bottom fish?

A. Bottom fishing is a family affair! It is a great trip for everyone, especially children who are ready to try ocean sport fishing for the first time.

Q. What kind of fish can we expect to catch?

A. Grouper, snapper, triggerfish, sharks, goatfish, jacks, trevally, and so many more. You never know…We’re FISHIN’!

Q. Where do you go?

A. We fish different areas of the inshore waters. Our captain and crew pay close attention to what’s been biting in recent days and on what the weather is doing. The weather can easily dictate “fishability”.
It can take up to an hour to reach some of our most productive spots, and we may fish a few different spots on any given trip.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Polarized sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, rain gear, personal food and snack if you want, and boat shoes if preferred.

Q. Do I need a fishing license?

A. No, the boat has a blanket license that covers everyone on board.

Q. What is included in the tour?

A. Private 30´ boat ( capacity 5 )
Approximately 4 Hours Fishing
Fishing equipment and Bait
Complimentary Beers & Soft Drinks
We will clean & fillet your catch
Complimentary Cooking

Q. Is your crew experienced?

A. All of the captains and crew that work on board have either been born and raised here, or have lived here most of their lives. We thrive on fishing, not only as a livelihood, but also as our favorite form of entertainment!

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed
on our FAQs Page, please feel free to contact us.